Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spelling Bee Saturday - Week 32!!

Hey there cute people!
It's time for another episode of our
Spelling Bee Sew Along

Today's assignments are 
2 of the picture blocks...

Sewing Machine


Each time you do your homework...
Bee sure to post them 
and use the hashtags:


Bee-cause we all want to see them!
Miss Bee

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Spelling Bee Saturday - Week 30!!

Well hello cute people!
Here we are for another 
episode of Spelling Bee Saturday:)

We are getting so close
 to finishing the Alphabet Sampler...
super happy and super fun!

So for today ...
Grab your 
and let's sew!

We are doing a few 
easy peasy letters:)

Big "W"...

and little "w"



and Sew Fun!

You guys...
there are so many cute things
 being made by all of you
 and put on 
I'm so impressed!!!

If you would like to be inspired...
just click on these two hashtags:

I've been pretty busy with 
secret sewing for the 
quilt market reveals next month...
but always remember that
 if I'm not here on Saturday 
for the sew along that 
my publishers
 (Fat Quarter Shop) 
 will always post on their blog 
so that you will always know
 which letters or blocks 
we are doing that week.

Miss Bee

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spelling Bee Saturday - Week 28!!

Well hello cute people!!
It's Spelling Bee Saturday:)

Spelling Bee Book

Today we are taking a break from the 
letter blocks and doing two picture blocks.



I know the letter blocks are 
super fast and easy...
but I just have to say that
 I get super excited
 on picture block weeks 
because I heart them so much:)

I hope ya'll are making 
good progress on your quilts
 and are having fun with Spelling Bee.

Thank you for tuning in...
and I'll see you again next week:)
Miss Bee

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