Monday, January 23, 2017

Sweetie Pie Sew Along - Week Two - Appliqué!!

Welcome back!
It's week two of the 

We are making the Sweetie Pie Quilt
to download the free pattern

The fabric collection that 
we are using is 

And we are using the new
to cut the slices 
for each pie block...

And the
for the appliqués:)

If you are just joining us...

Look on the right sidebar 
of my blog here
 to see all of the
 Sweetie Pie Sew Along 
blog posts and tutorials.

Last week I showed you
 how to make your 
Pie Blocks 
and get them ready to fill
 with the fruit appliqués.

This week we will make 
Cherry Pies!

to view part two...
 where I show you how to
 prepare your appliqué shapes.

Here are a few close up 
photos of the process.


Sewing and trimming...

And shaping.
is a great tool for
 helping when getting
 your shapes smooth.

to review the
 super duper close up
 of me using it during the
 last sew along as well!

This is the
that I use for my appliqués.

Trace your embroidery 
onto your background square first 
so that you know where to
 place the cherries and leaves.
Your embroidery guide 
is in the pattern:)

Use a light box or a sunny window
 when tracing all embroidery patterns.

See how easy they are to place?

If you are still worried 
about placement...
simply put the 
C-15 Sew Simple Shape 
on top to make sure it will 
fit nicely inside 
the size circle that it
 will eventually become:)

Before glue basting or 
pin basting your leaves...
make sure to trace your
 embroidery lines onto them.

Now you're all ready for

I use the new 
to match all of the appliqués.
You can use it for
 machine appliqué as 
well as hand appliqué.

After your appliqué and 
embroidery is complete...

Use the C-15 Sew Simple Shape
 to make your cherry block into a circle
 just how I showed you in the video...
and fill your pie!

Take a photo and use the hashtag
when posting on 

There are 2 Cherry Pie Blocks 
in the quilt
 so you can make both 
of them this week:)

I use the Bee in my Bonnet 
for the embroidery.

I use a backstitch and 
all 6 strands of the brown
 for the stem and also
 the green for the leaves:)

If you are a beginner...
I have a four part 
Beginning Embroidery Tutorial 
on You Tube that is very detailed.
Click on each to view them:)

I also talked about the daisies in the video.
You can do these appliqués anytime you want during the sew along.

I traced all of mine at the same time...

So that I can do them
 as time allows each week.

For the video I prepared 
2 daisies to show you...

One with 6 petals just like the pattern...
 and also in the finished quilt hanging behind Cindy and I during filming...

And one with 5 petals.

You choose which one that 
you want to do for your quilt:)

I'm going to have 
so much fun making 
gingham daisies 
each week!!!

These first two weeks 
have been a lot of prep and
to you for all that you have done.
It makes me so happy 
that we are all doing this together:)
 Once your pies are all ready...
  it will just be a matter of 
filling them with fruit each week.

The sew along will go for 
8 weeks so don't stress...
we have plenty of time.
Just have fun 
making pies with me:)

Next week we will be making 
Lemon and Lime Pies!

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Sweetie Pie Sew Along - Week One - Pie Blocks!!!

I'm sew happy that today is
 finally here because its 
week one in the 
Sweetie Pie Sew Along!

We will be making the 
Sweetie Pie Quilt

to download 
my free pattern 
if you want to join us:)

We are also using the 

And my new 
along with other appliqué supplies.

to view the supplies 
needed post for this sew along

A few weeks ago 
I did the tutorial on 
prep and cutting everything 
for the quilt.

for those instructions

Now that you are all cut...
lets get started!

 This week we will be doing all 
12 of the Pie Blocks.

Won't it be nice to 
have them ready and waiting 
for the
 center appliqués each week?

I did the Pie Block 
tutorial via YouTube
 along with
 Cindy at 
Riley Blake Designs

to watch and then 
begin making your pies!!

I showed this part in the video
 but I just wanted you to see
 up close photos:)

This is NOT your cutting line 

Cut a very generous 
1/4" INSIDE of the line 
with a small sharp pair of 
embroidery scissors this:)

Now your pie is ready to 
appliqué onto the background!

And you have a super cute and 
 already made little pie:)

I just adore sewing 
two things at once!

Stack all 12 mini pies...

And set them aside for 
a fun surprise project
 that will come later 
during our sew along:)

When basting...
I like to pin the 
inside circle like this 
so that the pie is 
nice and smooth 
and stays into place.

While the pins are still in place 
I put a small drop of glue 
onto each point and cleavage 
of the outside edge
and smooth it back down 
and back into place.

When the outside edges are dry 
I remove the pins and place a 
tiny amount of glue 
in a few spots of the 
inside edges to 
keep it secure as well.

I won't be appliquéing these
 inside edges down because of course...
the circles with the fruit
 will be appliquéd over them
 but I want them to remain flat during
 the process of appliquéing the outside edges:) 

After they were all glue basted...
I stacked all 12 of my Pie blocks 
on one of my large design boards and will appliqué all of them this week!
(just the outside edges)

You can choose to either 
hand appliqué or machine appliqué.

"You're the BOSS of your own quilt!"

 The most important thing is
 to have fun with it!

Aren't they sweet!? 

I'm looking forward to 
seeing your Pie Blocks! 
Don't forget to use the hashtags


when posting these on social media 
so that all of us can see.
 After all...
 that's such a fun part of 
doing the sew along together:)

Next week we will 
begin filling our pies!!
See you then...

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